Oooh My Goodness Mionetto!

ByDrahos Chytry

Verdun, QC


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Drahos's Cocktail Recipe

1 oz of tegroni mix
1.5 oz of fresh watermelon juice
Top with Mionetto Prosecco
Spray with an orange essence over the glass
Decorated with wild orange flowers and watermelon Italian flag

*Tegroni mix
36 gr organic Gala apples
36 gr Quebec strawberries
36 gr peach
36 gr orange
All slices to tiny pieces and macerated 120 hours in
90 gr Quebec agave alcohol El Chapleau
90 gr of Montenegro
90 gr of Quebec Vermouth from Les Fragments

What inspired the drink?

My inspiration was to create an light and extremely refreshing Italian aperitivo cocktail that expresses flavour profiles of Mionetto Prosecco. I love negronis, sangree made with fresh fruits of the seasons that are macerated for 120 hours, I love sprits and all mentioned are extremely appreciated for its refreshing and light experience. Oooh my Goodness Mionetto has 3 o's at ooh for the last letters on the bottle : Mionetto, Prosecco and Doc Treviso. The name itself speaks for the 4 billions of fine bubbles that expresses all the the fruitiness, sweetness and a little bitterness on your palate. Italians love their life, to socialize, family and be together. Everything we didn't have in the last year. Oooh my goodness Mionetto reflects the lay back life of the Italians and it's a great way to bring all that together. Never drink alone, share and love.

What bar do you work at?

Four Seasons Montreal, Marcus Restaurant

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