Slippery Slope

ByReece Southern

Calgary, AB


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Reece 's Cocktail Recipe

I wanted to really showcase how delicious and versatile Mionetto is, so I opted to go with a classic style champagne cocktail build. Though I wanted it to still be very approachable and easy to drink! A great intro into a sparkling highball. Going with the theme of thinking orange, I infused Spanish brandy with whole orange slices to give that fresh summery flavour throughout the cocktail. Amontillado sherry and bitters play on Mionetto’s slight dryness and the sugar aids to add a touch of body. By charging the glass with half of the Mionetto, adding in your chilled spirits and topping with the rest of the Mionetto it ensures you get a beautiful incorporated mix without having to stir or agitate. So refreshing that you won’t be able to have merely one, it’ll be a slippery slope!

4.5oz Mionetto Prosecco
1oz Orange Infused Brandy
.5oz Amontillado Sherry
2 Dash Lime Leaf Bitters
1 Raw Sugar Cube

– Prepare a Collins glass the night before, fill with enough water that when on an angle it reaches the rim, freeze.
– Combine all ingredients except Mionetto in a mixing vessel and grind sugar to incorporate.
– Transfer mix to a vessel in qn ice bath or the freezer and allow to fully chill.
– Charge the prepared Collins with 2oz Mionetto, pour over chilled mix, top with remaining 2.5oz Mionetto.
– Express and Orange Zest over the top and around the glass.

What inspired the drink?

Drawing inspiration from the rolling hills of the Valdobbiadene region in Italy, I got the idea for my sloped ice and frozen glass. I wanted to highlight all of the complicated notes in Mionetto and for that I knew I didn't want to dilute the cocktail. I found a beautiful elegance in the classic champagne cocktail recipe. I wanted to build off of its simplicity by infusing the brandy with oranges and adding sherry my way of creating a new classic Prosecco cocktail. With the creation of this cocktail I wanted to try and present a different sparkling cocktail, one with Mionetto as the base and the absolute star! Every supporting spirit in this drink aids to elevate the prosecco and give you a different layer of flavour with each sip. I set out to create something easy and approachable yet complex at the same time.

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