Dragon’s Back Spritz

ByRyan Simpson

Victoria , BC


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Ryan's Cocktail Recipe

1 Scoop of Dragonfruit Sorbet
Add Mionetto Prosecco
Add 1oz Limoncello
Add 0.5oz Fresh Lemon juice
Add 2 Dashes Rootside Lavender Tonic Bitters
Top with ice
Top up with more Mionetto (The star of the show)
Garnish with Dragonfruit Husk

Homemade Dragonfruit Sorbet Recipe:
Cut open 1 Dragonfruit
Cut insides into chunks and freeze overnight
Clean husks and freeze to use as garnish later
Add frozen insides and 1 cup condensed milk to blender. Blend until smooth. Pour liquid into Tupperware container and Freeze overnight.
The next day it will be ready to serve

What inspired the drink?

I love to drink and create authentic Italian Spritz’s! So drawing on my love of exotic ingredients and destinations, I created a simple Dragonfruit Sorbet, which when topped with Mionetto Prosecco, fizzes and creates a fruity and complex flavour. Dragonfruit came to mind as an ingredient as I was reminiscing about my time working in Hong Kong and how I used to trek the Dragon’s Back Trail on days off with friends while we would talk about new cocktail concepts. Dragon fruit has a tart flavour at first but has a delicious musty flavour that creates a really intriguing aftertaste when combined with something dry and effervescent like Mionetto Prosecco! I added Limincello to give the drink a kick and some fresh lemon to balance out the sweetness with the tartness and acidity. I chose to add Lavender & Tonic bitters because there was often fresh Lavender growing along the trail, and the quinine flavour of Tonic is delicious in a Spritz! Add ice to your spritz and savour!

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